We had a very positive experience Building with PBG.

This was the first home we ever built so any comparisons we can draw were from our friends and family who built in Toronto where we lived before moving back to Niagara. Since we were building remotely, the most critical factor for us choosing a builder was trust. From the onset, Lucy and Anthony made us feel very comfortable with our decision to work with them. The quality we saw exhibited at the model suite really showed PBG’s attention to detail and thoughtful design. We were slightly worried that being an in fill sub division, our house would look like every other house, but Anthony came up with a design that was in line with our modern taste while cohesive with the entire neighbourhood.

Since I’m an engineer I also care a lot about the design and engineering that went into the house from a functional and efficiency point of view. PBG takes a lot of pride in making the homes green so that was a definite plus.

Once the decision was made to go with PBG we were given a lot of latitude on design finishes and vendor selection which was a pleasant surprise based on what is the norm in this industry. Maybe too many choices as there are a lot of decisions to be made for a new house. Lucy and Anthony were very helpful with their design suggestions and giving us references to what others in the neighbourhood had done. One of the things that impressed us was the fact we moved in right on time.

Being from Toronto, we saw how our friends who were building houses kept getting delayed 3,6 and even 12 months so to move in right in time is a testimony to Anthony’s management skills. Finally, since we were building remotely we did not get to see the house as it was being built so we really only saw it go from blue print to shell to completion to move in. As with any new house, there were outstanding items to complete, but Anthony was very accommodating and made sure all outstanding items were taken care of in a timely fashion by his team or one of his vendors.

We feel we have a beautiful home inside and out, in a beautiful neighbourhood.


Working with PBG is a pleasure. The sites are always clean, safe and accessible.

Having Anthony on site and involved helps with the process.

They provide their customers with something they can truly be proud of. Building a dream home is not a small task, we enjoy being a part of their team. We look forward to continuing our working relationship in the years ahead.