In March we’ll be breaking ground  for a special project in the north end of St. Catharines, says Premium Building Group’s Anthony Continelli.

“We’ve only just purchased the property just two months ago and we’ve already sold one of the houses!

“This project is pioneering the ideology of condominium-type lifestyle but in a single-family dwelling.  Tucked away on an interesting little cul-de-sac will be Spring Garden Creek Villas, eight luxury size family dwellings on a ravine setting,” says Continelli.

“This is a rare opportunity to own a 100% maintenance-free, fully landscaped house on your own lot.  For people who might be ready to go into a condo-lifestyle but not into a townhouse, this could be a foray into what that lifestyle might really be about.” he said.

“Full basement walk-outs to the creek, cathedral ceilings, high foyers, a lot of decorative work, built-in features and rough-in’s for gas appliances – all of the things you’d expect from a quality-committed new home builder, you’ll find here.

“We know we do things differently.  Our homebuyers are given their own key and  are encouraged to come to the construction site often to check out the progress of their home.  That usually blows people away!


By doing this together every step of the way, we’re able to modify or to make changes.  There’s an assurance, a certain confidence that the home is being better built.  We also have a screening system in place for any of the trades bidding on our projects that allows us to choose the best.  After all, we’re going to be right in there with the trades so no one can have anything to hide.  As a builder, we’re really down to earth – literally.” says Continelli.

“Any great accomplishment is really just a collection of smaller accomplishments.  On the surface, it may seem like a small thing, but we took the initiative to pursue the Gas Ready program,” he said.

“When you make a point of explaining the benefits of the program to the homeowner, you get a ‘wow’ reaction.  we have taken this initiative on behalf of our clients who’ll probably want additional gas appliances installed after they’ve moved in.  The Gas Ready program has given us a competitive edge.”

The Gas Ready program ensures that new homes are outfitted with properly sized gas supply lines that will accommodate additional natural gas appliances quickly, easily and cost-effectively.  Enbridge Consumers Gas’ joint venture with enthusiastic Gas Ready builders ensures homebuyers will enjoy energy savings, heightened comfort and convenience and ease of upgrading when the time comes.

“Actively involved in all we are and all we do, is my partner and my best friend, my dad Tony, whose been in the business for over 25-years.  I love the idea of creating something special and having fun doing it.  I guess you could say that all of this is just in my blood” says Continelli.

There’s a great deal of information available on this economical, energy-saving program and on the other Gas Ready builders who also pride themselves in their abilities to provide the many benefits of a natural gas lifestyle.  Why not take a moment now to visit or call our hotline at 1-888-GAS-8888?

Ontario’s leading energy supplier and the country’s largest natural gas distributor, Enbridge Consumers Gas is proud to serve approximately 1.5 million customers in central and eastern Ontario.  Premium Builders Group (PBG) is just one of the over 110 quality-committed Gas Ready builders located throughout Ontario.